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Introducing 24hr Plastic Cards

24 hr Plastic Cards is one of the South Africa’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic cards and associated services.

We work with clients across multiple markets in-and-around Gauteng, including retail, finance, hotels, travel and leisure, and the public sector.  Operating from a purpose-built manufacturing plant in Wynberg, we produce over a wide variety of plastic cards.

Our philosophy and practices are based on a high degree of flexibility and quality awareness, combined with technical expertise
and outstanding customer service.

Greater accessibility, better security, improved convenience and increased customer loyalty are some of the many benefits plastic cards can give you.

Customer retention is paramount, and loyalty cards are all about making customers think of your company first when making a buying decision.

Gift cards help build brand awareness and are an excellent marketing tool satisfying the impulse purchase criteria and therefore increasing profitability.

Our highly reliable hotel key cards operate freely with the full range of electronic locks available on the market.

We appreciate that card scheme requirements vary enormously which is why we offer an extensive choice of card personalisation options including embossing, encoding, barcoding, 2D codes, thermal printing, “Drop on Demand” printing, inkjet printing and thermal re-transfer.

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